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Professional Home & Solar Panel Bird Proofing Experts in Sydney NSW

Bird Proofing Sydney

Bird Proofing Sydney

Home and solar panel bird proofing in Sydney: Safely prevent birds from damaging surroundings

One trusted and reputed bird-proofing company in Sydney is Best Bird Proofing Sydney. We offer a range of home Solar Panels Pigeon Proofing and Bird proofing solar panels Sydney solutions include bird netting, bird spikes, and bird wire systems to protect solar panels and other areas of buildings from bird damage.

We are a fully licensed and insured company with over 30 years of experience in the bird control industry. Our teams also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services.

One company that specializes in solar panel bird-proofing in Sydney is available for Sydney suburbs as well. We offer residential and commercial bird proofing solutions to safely prevent pest birds from nesting or perching on roofs and solar panels and damaging solar panels. We also provide a maintenance program to ensure that the bird-proofing remains effective over time.

Our team of experienced technicians can assess and provide customized solutions for any solar panel system. These are going to save your home and solar panels from damage caused by birds. So, plan the safety of your home and solar panels against birds with us, and you will be happy and satisfied.

Let Us Finish Bird-Proofing That Protects Homes For Years

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Solar Panels Pigeon Proofing In Sydney

How much do bird-proofing solar panels cost?

It is important to note that while bird proofing is necessary, it should be done in a humane way and not harm the birds and we opt for effective and Humane Management of Pest Birds. We provide the safest Solar Panel Bird Proofing Sydney solutions that come at the best prices. The average helps and services can cost you between $200 – $1500. However, solar panel bird proofing costs are dependent on every individual’s needs. The factors are:

  • Number of solar panels your system has,
  • The angle of your roof,
  • How high is the roof of your home (or business)
  • If birds and nests need to be removed prior to the installation.

Depending on these factors, we decide the cost of bird proof solar panels. You can contact us and discuss your problem with our experts and they will assist you with price estimates.

How do we do home pigeon proofing In Sydney?

There are several ways to safely prevent pigeons and other birds from damaging homes and solar panels in Sydney. We utilize these given five methods to control birds and prevent them from nesting around solar panels. Different methods are useful for different needs, so we check your solar panels and their placings before we share the plan for bird-proofing. You can get customized Solar Bird Proofing Sydney solutions from us.

Install Ultrasonic Deterrents to Scare Away Birds

We install ultrasonic deterrents to scare away birds. These devices produce sounds that are disturbing for birds and they will not sit around your home and solar panels. Ultrasonic bird repellents emit high-frequency sounds that deter birds.

Set Up Netting to Prevent Bird Access

We set up netting to prevent bird access. Netting can be placed over solar panels, roofs, shedding, and edges to prevent birds from accessing them. This covers the entire solar panel area and roof area. Nets are scary for birds so they do not plan to nest around them anymore. You can trust us for solar panel bird mesh installation in Sydney.

Trim Foliage and Trees to Limit Nesting Possibilities

Birds often perch on trees and bushes before landing on solar panels, so trimming these can reduce the number of birds in the area. We can help you to decide where you need to trim foliage and trees to limit nesting possibilities.

Utilize Visual Deterrents That Will Startle Birds Away

We can use fake bird predators that can be placed along the edges of solar panels to prevent birds from landing on them. They do not go near their predators. Placing fake dogs, cats and hawks can help in keeping pigeons and other small birds away from homes and solar panels.

Block Pathways To Your Solar Panels With Spikes or Plastic Guards

We can also use spikes and plastic guards to block pathways of birds to solar panels. These are long, thin spikes that can be placed along the edges of solar panels and roofs to prevent birds from landing on them. Along with these, you must follow tips on how to get rid of bird poop on the roof for complete safety.

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    Best Bird Proofing Sydney has emerged as one of the popular companies for Bird Proofing Sydney solutions. This has happened because people have shown their love for our services for many reasons. These have become our USPs. People choose us for the following reasons:

    25+ Years of Understanding in Bird Proofing Sydney
    25+ Years of Understanding

    We have 25+ years of understanding in keeping birds safely away from homes and solar panels in Sydney and its suburbs.

    Competitive Fees For Bird Proofing Services in Sydney
    Competitive Fees

    If you hire our team, then you will not have to worry much about the cost to pigeon proof home and solar panels. Our fees are pocket-friendly.

    Inspection And Quotes
    Inspection And Quotes

    We inspect your roof and solar panel area and provide quotes. This saves you from surprising prices.

    Same-Day Service
    Same-Day Service

    You can get all solutions for bird-proofing homes on your booking day. We have a system for same-day service.

    Expert Workmanship
    Expert Workmanship

    We employ only experts. Our experts will take full responsibility for saving your homes and solar panels from birds anyhow.

    Get Better Protection With Our Bird Proofing Sydney Solutions

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    You don’t need council approval to install solar panels in NSW. If you are bird-proofing solar panels just ensure that birds are also safe with your method.

    You can use bird spikes, plastic guards, bird deterrents, ultrasonic devices, or nets to protect your solar panels from birds. If required, you can call professionals to set up these to protect your solar panels from birds.

    Yes, bird poop can increase the rate of rusting of solar panels. This can also decrease the efficiency of solar panels. Your roof will not be safe for your family.

    Yes, it is worth bird-proofing homes and solar panels. Otherwise, your solar panels will not have a long life. You may face multiple phases of cleaning, repair, and maintenance.

    It can be used to protect solar panels from birds. This is also one of the effective methods of safeguarding solar panels from birds.

    Excellent Work Quality

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    30 January 2023

    Don’t know anyone who can provide such a great bird-proofing service in a limited period of time. Their services are highly recommended. Without any doubt hire them to get rid of bird problems in your house.


    Work Professionally

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    30 January 2023

    Without any doubt this company has the best bird proofing services in Sydney. They solved the problem in a limited time and made my house bird-proof. It’s been a month since we took their services and our place is totally bird droppings free.


    Highly Effective Bird-Proofing

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    30 January 2023

    Truly with the services of Best Bird-Proofing Sydney, I see no birds sitting on my roof and solar panels. Highly recommend it to all my friends and family. They are available according to your preferred day and time. Doing a fabulous job and always pleasant and a good listener.


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