Sydney New South Wales, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need council approval to install solar panels in NSW. If you are bird-proofing solar panels just ensure that birds are also safe with your method.

You can use bird spikes, plastic guards, bird deterrents, ultrasonic devices, or nets to protect your solar panels from birds. If required, you can call professionals to set up these to protect your solar panels from birds.

Yes, bird poop can increase the rate of rusting of solar panels. This can also decrease the efficiency of solar panels. Your roof will not be safe for your family.

Yes, it is worth bird-proofing homes and solar panels. Otherwise, your solar panels will not have a long life. You may face multiple phases of cleaning, repair, and maintenance.

It can be used to protect solar panels from birds. This is also one of the effective methods of safeguarding solar panels from birds.